People of the sea, with fishing in their DNA

In Chioggia we like to eat, but above all we like sea food: the tradition of fishing has always been alive and vibrant in the city, and for this reason we are used to having it fresh every day.

Chioggia is in fact one of the Italian fishing capitals, with a fleet of almost 400 active boats that serve the international fish market with the best, most varied catch around.

The chioggian fish sector is one of the most important in the european supply chain, with 8500 employees, divided into 2600 companies and a turnover of 800 million euros.
In addition to fish, production also includes ecological fish farms and shellfish farming: in Italy only Mazara del Vallo contends with Chioggia for supremacy.

Our professional, skilled fishermen use various methods of bringing their tasty treasure ashore: from fishing with the flying net made by two boats in parallel for blue fish to fishing with "parancai"(lift nets) to catch eels, flounder and “go”(grass goby); in addition, valuable fish such as sea bass, sea bream, amberjack, sole, flounder and mullet are caught. A particular method is used for the fishing of clams, passed through a sieve to ensure a clean and tasty mollusk.

Are you curious to know more and to see how we bring all the flavour of the sea to shore?
You can spend a day with our fishermen by choosing the experience of fishing tourism to experience first-hand how to live and work at sea.


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