Explore the depths of the largest coral reef in the Adriatic

11 dive sites available, over an area of ​​35 kilometres, discovering the secrets of the Tegnue seabed and being enchanted by the largest coral reef in the Adriatic, the mysteries of its wrecks, the fascinating colours of its flora and fauna in the Biological Protected area.

For diving enthusiasts, Chioggia represents a paradise of experiences, discover an unforgettable nature, controlled by numerous diving associations that have transformed diving into a safe and reliable underwater experience, managed by diving professionals ready to help even first timers thanks to the beginner’s courses available, amateurs and experts.

The underwater routes, some close to the coast, have depths from about 28 to 20 metres, with outcrops of rock formations that reach depths of less than 17 metres.

Directly on the beach you will find numerous training offers if you want to get closer to the world of diving, for adults and children, for beginners and for to take the PADI-CMAS certificate.

Chioggia's diving schools organize excursions in the open sea and shipwreck diving, such as that of the merchant ship Eudokia II, which sank in 1991 following a collision, 6 miles from the coast. 100 metres long and 12 metres high, it is now entirely covered by marine flora and is home to many species of fish, crustaceans and molluscs.


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