Sottomarina: the beach, the dam and the Tegnùe

Sottomarina beach goes from the San Felice Dam in the North to the Brenta Dam in the South: perfectly equipped, it offers relaxation in an area equipped with every comfort to make your holiday a moment of true well-being, and all the activities to stimulate the interest of those looking for a more active holiday, without forgetting our beloved four-legged friends, for whom there are specific areas.

Along the coast there is no shortage of refreshment areas, water parks, amusement parks and a rich program of recreational and sporting activities to entertain guests from morning until late at night: did you know that only in Chioggia does every bathing area have its own restaurant for you to be seduced by our kitchen?

“Chioggiotti” (Chioggians) love the sea: for this reason your umbrella neighbours will probably be inhabitants of the city, ready to make you feel "at home" and reveal fascinating secrets and legends.

Underwater beauty to be discovered

Tired of lounging on the beach or looking for new ideas?
Immerse yourself in our sea and do not miss the fascinating spectacle of the tegnùe, the most important natural reef in the Adriatic, built by red limestone algae, where you can admire the enormous variety of life forms that populate these sea beds.
Lovers of scuba diving will have their work cut out for them discovering elegantly coloured sponges and anemones, chasing massive lobsters and tiny hermit crabs, making friends with sparkling schools of fish or observing conger eels and the majestic corb in their natural habitat.

The tegnùe area is preserved by a Biological Protection Area where fishing is prohibited, to ensure the survival of an unparalleled underwater wonder.


A sea of activities for young and old

On the sand, in the waves or under an umbrella? In Sottomarina you are spoilt for choice!

Perfectly equipped beach, extraordinary sea, moderate, constant wind make it the perfect destination for lovers of sail sports, while the fine sand, amusement parks and entertainment combined with accommodation of all kinds, make Sottomarina the ideal place to make every summer with your family extraordinary.


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