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Walking through the streets of Chioggia, you can discover an ancient world, of art and tradition: it is the world of artisan shops, perfect places where you can breathe the history and culture of our city. Immerse yourself in authentic Chioggia and get to know its inhabitants and their craftsmanship.

Pipa chioggiotta El Penelo

The Chioggia pipe from "El Penelo"

When the evening comes, the fishermen sit near the boats to chat with each other, smoking a very special pipe, made strictly of terracotta, decorated imaginatively.

It is the “chioggiotta pipe”, an ancient and popular object, the first evidence of which dates back to 1655. A tradition that continues to exist thanks to the ceramicist Giorgio Boscolo, aka Femek, the only one in Italy, who, in his laboratory "El Penelo" in Borgo San Giovanni, gives life to small hand-finished sculptures.

Giorgio is a bearded gentleman, with a low voice and the look of seafarers in his eyes, ready to explain his little works of art in a precise, blunt and shrewd way. Unique pieces, rigorously made with a terracotta stove, a wooden torch and a morello cherry mouthpiece. Simple, traditional stoves, but also with portraits of illustrious people, from Garibaldi to turkish heads, up to politicians of recent history, making the Chioggia pipe a magnificent collector's item.

The ancient tradition of chioggian lace

After Burano, the undisputed capital of lace, Chioggia can easily be considered the second home of this wonderful art, rooted in the territory for over five centuries.

In fact, once upon a time, women from Chioggia were taught from an early age to make “redìni” (lace nets) and work bobbin lace on canvas, even large ones, and then when they were older they would meet under the arcades of the streets, equipped with morèlo (outline) and lenguèla (needles) to devote themselves to lace and embroidery, giving life to extraordinary ornaments intended for sacred vestments or the garments of the noblest ladies.

Merletto di Chioggia

Chioggia lacework is therefore a very ancient art, handed down from mother to daughter, which still survives today among its inhabitants, thanks also to the association "Il Merletto Di Chioggia" (Lace of Chioggia), born with the aim of preserving and enhancing typical lacework of the Chioggia area through initiatives that favour the recovery, practice and dissemination of techniques and artisanal culture linked to bobbin lace making.


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