Streets and squares of Chioggia transformed into an open-air theatre

Chioggia was celebrated by Carlo Goldoni, in his “Baruffe Chiozzotte” and every August the city remembers the great playwright who wrote the stories about the city and its people with a grandiose happening along the streets and in the squares.

Le Baruffe in Calle tell the story of Toffolo who, to make Checca jealous, offers a piece of Barucca pumpkin to Lucietta, unleashing the jealousies of fishermen and their families, including quarrels, brandishing knives and stone throwing, until the intervention of the Criminal Adjutant, Isidoro, who restores peace and celebrates 3 weddings.

Set up by the actors of the Piccolo Teatro Città di Chioggia, the happening relives the story of Goldoni by involving the spectators, including barcozzi (traditional boats) decorated for a party, characters in period costumes and background music, with chases and squabbles between the protagonists.

Exciting and engaging, it allows us to showcase the typical boats of Chioggia, ready to moor in the evening with their jib sails to start the party, which ends with tasting the clodiense cuisine in a festive atmosphere in which actors and participants mingle in joy.


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