Between sea and sun, let yourself be transported by the wind

A 10 km long beach, a calm sea and a position that allows you to enjoy constant wind at any time of the day: it is no wonder that wind and kite surfing enthusiasts meet in Sottomarina and Isola Verde to raise their sails and ride the wind for some exciting sailing, while along the shoreline the stand-up paddlers are in action.

Kite Surfing is becoming a new way of experiencing the sea: keeping your feet on the board while being carried away towards the horizon by a large kite is an intense and unforgettable emotion. According to the experts, a few lessons are enough to master this mixture of flying and sailing, and in Chioggia you will be able to find a school to suit your needs, with super-prepared instructors ready to make you feel the protagonist of your story in Chioggia and enjoy a new experience that we are sure you will want to repeat.

In Sottomarina, there is a recognized stand-up paddle school to teach you how to master this muscular style: it’s new, from California, and is done by standing on a surfboard using a special paddle to move.

Constant winds and calm sea are the perfect combo to learn windsurfing with the numerous schools ready to awake a passion for this sport and let you enjoy an exciting sporting activity that combines the adrenaline of surfing with the subtle and silent charm of sailing.



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