Relive the medieval atmosphere of Chioggia

Imagine a city that for a weekend turns into a medieval camp: minstrels, taverns, beautiful ladies and skilled crossbowmen ready to let you enter a magical world, rich in history and charm.

The Palio della Marciliana, the third weekend of June, evokes the magic of a long gone era with the historical re-enactment of the war against Genoa in 1379, when after 10 months of siege the city was finally saved, defeating the enemies in a epic battle in the centre of town.

Among the many planned events there is also the Crossbow Tournament, one of the oldest in Italy, so much so that in Chioggia we keep the Council resolution of 1414 for its rules.

During the weekend of the Palio there are many things to do and see: along Corso del Popolo, entertainment by the Clugia musicians, banquets and taverns are set up and crossbowmen camps are prepared while the whole city performs songs, dances and re-enactments of combat and ancient craftsmanship.

Our crossbowmen will show you their weapons, musical instruments and the flags of the districts, while the procession with hundreds of people in medieval clothes goes through the streets and squares of Chioggia.

There are 5 districts competing for the palio by shooting large bench crossbows:

  • Montalbano - symbolized by the 3 towers of Montalbano, Saline and Nassaruolo, it bears the silver colour
  • Sant'Andrea - its colour is green, the symbol is the cross of Saint Andrew, the decusse
  • San Giacomo (St.James) - raises the shell of San Giacomo di Compostela, and its colour is gold
  • San Martino (St. Martin) - bears the saint's cape and its colour is red
  • San Michele Arcangelo (Archangel St. Michael) - the district that has held the title for 3 years, bears the symbol of the sword and the scales, its colour is black


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