Discover the unique, genuine flavours of Chioggian cuisine

We know that holidays are an experience for all the senses: and which sense is more intriguing than taste, made up of sensations, emotions and discoveries?

The chioggian seafood cuisine is so rich in ideas and choice, that it will make your head spin with simple, tasty dishes fruit of a long tradition of transforming seafood into a world of flavour.

Did you know that you can also take advantage of fishing tourism experiences, fishing from the traditional lift nets and ending by cooking what has been caught, or you can join the crew of a fishing boat to enjoy offshore what you have helped catch in the nets?

Ittiturismo e pescaturismo a Chioggia

Fish and angling tourism

Fish and angling tourism

strada del radicchio di chioggia

Chioggia’s excellences

Chioggia’s excellences

gusta chioggia dove mangiare v2

Where to eat

Where to eat

Pesce e prodotti tipici di Chioggia

Enjoy our fresh fish

Whet your appetite with our chioggian cuisine, through traditional recipes and their modern interpretations, and discover with us the taste of the sea.

In Chioggia the tradition of good food is truly alive, which becomes a huge party during the famous Fish Festival, filling the streets with inviting scents, and which seduces you every day in the restaurants and characteristic “cicchetterie” of the city.


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