Chioggia’s excellences

Against nature, wind and lagoon, the Chioggians have always had to compete with the land to grow fruit and vegetables which are still excellent today: the type of soil and the influence of the sea give the crops an intense, full and unmistakable flavour.

In ancient times, the Clodius gardens were divided into coastal gardens and lagoon gardens: the production of the lagoon gardens was intended for local consumption and was characterized by complex crops such as lettuces, cauliflowers, green beans, artichokes, peas; that of the coastal gardens, on the other hand, was characterized by plants of general consumption, such as early potatoes, cauliflowers and onions.

Today, with the birth of green tourism inspired by nature and slowness, it is possible to discover the excellences of the territory, such as the famous Chioggian Radicchio Rosso (red cichory) or the celebrated chioggian pumpkin, enjoying a holiday in contact with the still intense activity of the growers in the area.

turismo enogastronomico

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