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For the “Chioggiotti”, hospitality is so precious that we have decided to create a truly special experience for those who love to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the places they visit and become locals.

Holidays in Calle is made for those who want a simple stay, without constraints and nothing planned: stay freely and become part of the centre of life in Chioggia, live in a typical chioggian apartment among the characteristic streets and canals, immersed in the heart of Chioggia’s authentic atmosphere.

Vacanze in calle a Chioggia
Casa chioggiotta in centro storico

Be a guest in a typical chioggian house

Staying in its historic centre, just look out the window to breathe the unique and characteristic climate of Chioggia: watch, from above, a city full of life and stories to be told, or become the protagonist of the story yourself, stroll among buildings and historical monuments and get lost in its streets.

You can do all this independently, taking advantage of the friendliness of your new neighbours ready to suggest the real gems of Chioggia, or take part in guided tours letting yourself be fascinated by a city full of secrets and places to be discovered.



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