Between sea, sand and unique seabeds

Blue Flag of the Adriatic, our sea meets the Venetian lagoon to create a unique and spectacular panorama, caressed by moderate winds that invite you to stroll along the shore, breathing deeply of the fragrant sea air.

Even the sand of our beaches is special: very fine, sparkling, clear sand, rich in minerals and famous for those who want to experience psammotherapy, formerly known as a hot sand bath

Le tegnùe: dive among the spectacular coral reefs of the Adriatic

A few miles from the shoreline go diving to discover the tegnùe: the name "tegnùe" was chosen in ancient times by fishermen whose nets were caught by the rock formations of the seabed.
The tegnùe are widespread throughout the Adriatic, but those facing Chioggia are the largest and most spectacular, so much so that they deserve the name of Adriatic coral reefs, true oases of biodiversity shining with an incomparable flora and fauna.

The Murazzi of Sottomarina are worth a walk: this is a monumental work in Istrian stone commissioned by the Serenissima to protect their land from storm surges. The Murazzi of via San Felice were more than 5 kilometres long, with a width exceeding three hundred metres, raised on ​​stilts that extend to the coast of Pellestrina and of course on to the Sottomarina coast.


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