Among picturesque canals, colourful houses on the water, alleys and bridges with a Venetian flavour

If the monuments of Chioggia leave you breathless, the real city can be enjoyed among its “calli”, its squares and arcades: as in Venice, there are no streets, but the streets retain the Venetian name “calli”.
74 “calli” branch off from the main thoroughfare, where you can grasp the soft accent of the lagoon language, the aromas of chioggian cuisine, the echoes of your own footsteps that reverberate and bring the city to life.

Goldoni, who lived in Palazzo Poli for a while, dedicated his "Le Baruffe Chioggiotte" to Chioggia, set among the local people and seamen, which is reenacted every year in the streets of the city, a happening that has the choral flavour of a place where the sense of participation in the life of the city is still truly alive.

Chioggia still lives through its history and contemporaneity: it does not forget the past, which is recalled by running the “Palio della Marciliana”, a crossbow competition between the 5 city districts, when, at the end June, the whole city dresses in medieval clothes and tells the story of the war with Genoa through music, gastronomy and re-enactments.


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